Do you spend alot of time answering the same question? Why not update customers and staff autonomously, and simply.


Spend time focusing on growing your business, instead of being stuck doing repetitive tasks.


Simple Systems help us to make this an efficient, pro-active customer and employee experience. 


One of the biggest problems in the industry, let’s solve that one step at a time.

A few things we’re great at

As an owner of a collision repair facility, I know how the repair experience works!


We are all busy enough, why add to it? Especially your managers, production coordinators, and CSR staff.   Let’s gain back time where we can, and place it where it needs to go!


Every repair facility operates differently. Let’s tailor this process to work with your business. Everything is fully customizable to ensure a seamless process for your workplace culture.


Utilizing QR code based production in the shop environment, put a smart phone to smart use. All staff already have them, let’s utilize them for the benefit of the business, and your staff!

Subscription Based

Monthly payment plans so if this isn’t working for you, you can opt out of future subscription.  

About us

20 Years Experience

Hi ! My name is Myles Chaput. As a collision repair shop owner in the second generation, I Know shop processes. It all starts with proper clear communication, expectations, and processes that can be repeated to have the best possible repair and customer experience! Look up my shop on Google to confirm for yourself (Funk’s Autobody, Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada).

I started working here and pulling in a paycheck when I was 11 years old, have always loved cars, and always found a fascination with technology intertwining into our lives. I am a red seal journeyman technician myself and I give thanks to my amazing parents, especially my dad who poured into my life to help me become the business leader I am today. My fascination with technology started to spill into running our business, and slowly it became more streamlined with all the tech-help I was utilizing in our own shop environment to the point where we are at now. I am constantly seeking to add more resources to our robust system to help it go further, be more automated, and bulletproof!